JULY 2020

Methodological guide IS READY!

The Methodological guide for FLYie has been finalized and published online. It has
been seen as a valuable tool for the whole project. Based on the framework it involves,
and its methodology ensures, the results, impact and sustainability of the project.


Introducing Female legends

Having someone that positively influence one’s life journey is very important. Such people make a standard to strive for or to compare ourselves to. Seeing their professional journey can provide us a road map on how we could get from point A to Z to reach our dreams.. We all need such a person and especially women.



1 hour ago
Patricia Gros Micol, 2013 Finalist for Europe

Patricia Gros Micol
Nationality: French
Founder and CEO of Handishare, a company which employs disabled people to provide back-office and administrative services to businesses.
At the age of 17, ... See more

Handishare, France. Business services performed by disabled people.

2 days ago
Meet our European finalist 2014: Yvonne Brady

Yvonne Brady
Nationality: Irish
Founder and CEO of EVB Sport, an active ware company that provides women with the support they need using patent pending technology that optimizes function of deep ... See more

A business made for women and by a woman. Check out Yvonne's approach on sports wear on the video above! To learn more you can also visit her profile on: htt...

4 days ago
Enass Abo Hamed - H2GO Power - 2015 Finalist for Europe

Enass Abo-Hamed
Nationality: Palestinian
Co-founder of H2GO Power, a company that offers a safe method for hydrogen production and storage to provide clean mobile energy.
"We want to improve the ... See more

Offers a safe method for hydrogen production and storage to provide clean mobile energy.

6 days ago
Carmen Hijosa - Ananas Anam - 2015 Finalist for Europe

Carmen Hijosa
Nationality: Spanish
Co-founder and CEO of Ananas Anam, a company that develops a sustainable textile made of pineapple leaves' fibers as an alternative to leather.
After 15 years of ... See more

Develops a sustainable textile made of pineapple leaves’ fibres as an alternative to leather.

1 week ago
Lise Pape - Walk With Path - 2017 Finalist for Europe

Lise Pape
Nationality: British
CEO and co-founder of Walk With Path, assistive technology for people with mobility problems.
Driven by a desire to help her father, and with access to researchers at ... See more

Walk With Path creates assistive technology for people with mobility problems.

1 week ago
Ciara Donlon - THEYA Heathcare - Social Media

Ciara Donlon
Nationality: French
In 2010, she set up a lingerie retail business in Dublin. Many women undergoing treatment for breast cancer came into her shop looking for a comfortable and ... See more

THEYA Healthcare designs, manufactures and sells a range of post-surgery lingerie for women.

1 week ago
Marina Ross - Nanobarrier - 2017 Finalist for Europe

Marina Ross
Nationality: Russian
Founder of Nanobarrier- Retail Brand HYDROP, a super hydrophobic nano-coating that protects clothing and footwear from wear to tear. Russia's unforgiving winters ... See more

Nanobarrier produces a superhydrophobic, nano-coating that protects clothing and footwear from wear and tear.

2 weeks ago
Kristina Tsvetanova - Blitab Technology - 2018 Finalist for Europe

Kristina Tsvetanova
Nationality: Austrian
CEO and co-founder of BLITAB technology, a tactile tablet for the blind and visually impaired.
Kristina witnessed first-hand the challenges her visually ... See more

Blitab Technology produces Blitab, a tactile tablet for blind and visually impaired people.

2 weeks ago
Julia Römer - Coolar - 2018 Finalist for Europe

Julia Romer
Nationality: German
Co-founder and CEO of Coolar.
Coolar is developing refrigerators powered by heat instead of electricity.
"The first time I heard about the concept of cooling with ... See more

Coolar develops a solar-powered, off-the-grid refrigerator for the reliable storage of vaccines.

2 weeks ago
2019 Cartier Women's Initiative - Finalists Overarching Video

Sylke Hoehnel
Nationality: Swish
Co-founder and CEO of SUN bioscience, a medical hardware device that cultivates organoids, mini-organs derived from stem cells, to provide personalized drug ... See more

Meet our finalists for 2019 Cartier Awards!

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