FLYie game is ready!

FLYie game is ready!

After a very long period of work and play testing, finally we are very pleased to announce that FLYie game is ready for you to play!

The world of entrepreneurship poses difficulties on women that derive mainly from existing gender stereotypes. So, it is very often that a young girl or woman is discouraged to try to follow her entrepreneurial dream. And here comes our female legends of entrepreneurship – FLYie game!

It is a cooperative board game presenting the biographies of 50 contemporary and prominent women entrepreneurs around Europe that serve as role models to players (mainly young girls and women). All of them have faced obstacles such as achieving balance in their life, confronting discrimination and gender biases, overcoming health issues etc.

The featured role models surpassed the aforementioned obstacles and created successful and innovative socially responsible enterprises.

They mainly fit into the four categories of activities derived from the societal challenges, thus named as challenges in our games:

  • health industry,
  • dealing with environmental issues,
  • advocating for gender equality,
  • advocating for disadvantaged social groups.

During the game, in each round players have to face specific challenges and find legends that are dealing with those in their everyday entrepreneurial life by using their superpowers. Players present the most relevant role models, discuss on their lives and achievements and promote them to legends (or super legends – epic victory).

The game is available in basic and advanced mode in order to add extra fun, difficulties rewards to committed players.
It is already tested by 10 youth educators and 40 young women in play testing workshops, evaluated as “extremely enjoyable and inspiring experiences”.

Or try its online version in Tabletopia ➡

Stay tuned for upcoming play testing sessions in all partner countries


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