In the past few months, the partners of the FLYie project have been working together on the third methodological guide of the project: ‘Game-based education and activities for fostering gender equality’.

The objective of this guide is to understand the role of the game-based approach in promoting women’s entrepreneurship and combating gender stereotypes. To do this, partners have analyzed several methods in order to show how to set up specific games and explain what the benefits are for the entrepreneurial mindset and women empowerment.

To develop this guide, partners have pooled the results of their observations obtained during the workshops organized as part of the project and they have also referred to numerous academic researches and studies that highlight the game approach in the entrepreneurial field.


With this news we want to give you a quick overview of the contents of this guide and will surely inspire you to find games that are fun, instructive and challenging!

  • CHAPTER I: The essence of game-based approach

In this section the guide explains the concept of the four freedoms of play in order to be able to distinguish the Game-Based Learning approach (GBL) from gamification.

  • CHAPTER II: What the games could teach?

In this second section, the guide focuses on the competences identified as essential for developing entrepreneurship and how to acquire them through play.


  • CHAPTER III: Examples of games/activities/tools

This section presents a large number of games and activities to combat gender stereotypes and encourage the development of the entrepreneurial spirit. Each game has a technical data sheet so that you can use them ready to play.

  • CHAPTER IV: How to create an efficient game-based approach and implement relevant indicators?

Finally, this section identifies the essential steps involved in setting up a game so that it fulfills the educational objectives in terms of knowledge, empowerment, skills acquisition, fun and collaboration.

Click HERE to download the guide!


The final stage of this project is to develop the board game FLYie (IO4).

This game will be the physical fulfillment of the project and will be based on each of the project’s intellectual outputs:

  • The Methodological guide on female entrepreneurship in Europe (IO1)
  • The Training guide on Role-model education for promoting gender equality in business and entrepreneurship (IO2)
  • The Training guide on Game-based education and activities for fostering gender equality (IO3)

The game will feature contemporary women entrepreneurs from across Europe. The aim of this board game is to encourage young people, especially girls and women, to identify with these inspiring and accessible women who have made the choice to pursue bold careers.

Thanks to this board game, the participants will have access to role models to imitate but also acquire key skills to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, i.e. communication, collaboration, organization, audacity…

We can’t wait to present you the game and test it with you!

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. Its content and material reflects only the views of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
Project number: 2019-2-CY02-KA205-001601