What have we done so far?

What have we done so far?

It’s been over a year since the partners started creating the intellectual outputs of the project. It all started with the state of the arts research and circulation of questionnaires that helped us develop the first output – ‘Methodological guide’ for FLYie project. The guidebook presents the statistical information on gender equality in partners’ countries when it comes to female entrepreneurship. This research indicated certain obstacles in terms of social and cultural aspect’s influence on women entrepreneurship development in the partner countries. The guide provides the reader with examples of existing methodologies that promote female entrepreneurship as well as with EU policies, programs and funding schemes available to women entrepreneurs at national and EU level.

The second output ‘Training guide on Role-model education for promoting gender equality in business and entrepreneurship’ has been developed in order to help the youth workers use the role-model education methodology in order to teach and promote gender equality in business and entrepreneurship. The guide is equipped with good practice examples on role model education that will help the youth worker achieve entrepreneurial competences in young people, especially young girls and women. It is available for download in English, Greek, Polish and French.

The third output is a ‘Training guide on Game-based education and activities for fostering gender equality‘ with a main objective to fight stereotypes in entrepreneurship and motivate young girls and women to participate and collaborate in entrepreneurship ecosystem through examples of game-based activities and tools. The guidebook explains the concept of game-based education and shows how such methodology could be used to promote and teach gender equality through entrepreneurship education. It’s available for download in English, Greek, French and Polish.

What's left to do?

The final result derived from the project is FLYie GAME. It’s a cooperative card game featuring role -model examples of game women entrepreneurs aimed for fostering the soft skills of young girls and women while enabling them to meet and get motivated by examples of various inspiring women personalities in the world of entrepreneurship. Cooperative
game means a game where players have to cooperate in order to face the challenges of the game. The game was created in the last months of 2020 and was successfully tested by our experts last month. As we are preparing the final version of the physical card game, the partners have found a way to make the game playable digitally as well. This added value to the output will be implemented as an additional effort of the consortium to promote female legends in entrepreneurship through game based
education. All of this will be revealed to you pretty soon.

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